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uses raw materials of the highest quality which are sourced from reputable and trusted suppliers that share our values in terms of compliance, transparency, and product quality.

Each batch of raw materials undergoes stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures which go above regulatory requirements. The ingredients are then evaluated, re-classified and internally verified against regional regulations (i.e. EUTPD-2, FDA, etc.) for any regulatory restrictions.

We also utilize an internal classification method for ingredients which may pose a regulatory risk, such as sucralose, and keep our customers informed if we believe this may be a threat to their product in the future. This extensive ingredient evaluation and classification process is led by our dedicated product compliance team; technical experts in their field with (food) chemistry backgrounds. Altogether, the team accounts for over 60 years of experience in regulatory requirements and chemical toxicology.

We operate using the highest manufacturing standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality System in addition to our internal Standard Operating Procedures. Some of our production facilities are also accredited FSSC 22000; the highest Food Safety System Certification. Our manufacturing facilities operate under controlled environments and the nicotine manufacturing area operates in a clean room environment. For nicotine-containing products, we offer the finest and most reliable closed system manufacturing under Argon.


Working in partnership with a world leader in flavour manufacturing for vape offers a big advantage to our customers as we are operating within our specialty.  We fully support our clients with continuous product compliance support for vaping regulations worldwide, offer transparency of used ingredients, and full batch traceability for every product we deliver to our customers. Our products also come with comprehensive documentation including Certificate of Analysis (CoAs), MSDS, Specifications, CLP labelling as well as extensive hazard and precautionary information for every product.

Vape ingredient policy

E-flavor and e-liquid risk reduction optimization based on our product

Vape and/or Food-grade ingredients only

TPD2-compliant incl. German negative list

No banned diketones2,3-butanedione (CAS No 431-03-8) (Diacetyl)2,3-pentanedione (CAS No. 600-14-6) (Acetyl propionyl)2,3-hexanedione (CAS No. 3848-24-6)2,3-heptandione (CAS No. 96-04-8)

No coumarin

No vitamins

No coloring agents

Free of Vitamin E Acetate, Pulegone and Sucralose.

GMO-free (Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003).

Food-allergens free (Annex II Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011).

Not derived from animal origin.

High purity (Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008 on flavourings).

REACH compliance (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).