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Signature Flavour Design

At FLAVORIQ, we combine creativity, passion, and knowledge to develop world-class flavours designed specifically for the vape industry. In close collaboration with our customers, our R&D team designs exclusive flavours to their specifications and requirements, perfectly tailored to fit their product portfolio. We believe in the power of partnership and see the development process as great opportunity to closely collaborate with our customers.

As an industry expert closely collaborating with leading brands, we ensure to continuously keep ourselves informed on the latest trends as to offer the most innovative products. Our large network, insight from end consumers, engagement / attendance to international vape events, and in-depth research on new trends helps us remain creative and innovative.

For customer-driven projects, a fully integrated flavour development solution is used. It takes into consideration elements such as interplay between flavour and product, sensual perception enhancement, legislative aspects of the target markets, ingredient, pricing, and any other special requirements (i.e. natural, GMO-free, etc.). All flavours are tested on the customers’ devices, prepared in our application unit, several times throughout the development project to ensure perfect flavour alignment. Nothing leaves our R&D facilities before our customers, and we, are fully satisfied – we are only satisfied with the best!


Assessment of Customer RequirementsDetailed and specific requirements are discussed, analyzed, and specified with the customer


Product and Service Specification
Based on the requirements, a specific and customized set-up of products and services are defined


Internal Customer Project Setup
An interdisciplinary team is assigned to the project with a dedicated contact. Customer are kept in loop throughout the project


Development of signature flavours
Engineering of flavour versions for the project


Interactive feedback loop
Tasting session of the first versions of the flavours and feedback to the R&D team for modification (or approval). Steps 4 and 5 and repeated in a loop until the desired flavour profile is achieved and approved.


Continuous Support
During and after the service configuration, the FLAVORIQ / Hertz team provides ongoing support to the customer, as needed.