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Integrated Product Design

Core Services

Made-to-vape: flavours developed and tested for use in vaping devices

Application and assessment of flavours on customer devices or realistic prototypes for increased performance

Flavour optimization for better system performance

Profile tweaking

Product quality and safety (i.e. carbonyl reduction, solvability optimization, etc.)

Advanced Services

Signature flavour design (tailor-made), collaborative flavour development with direct RnD contact

On/Off-site joint assessment of product developments

Closed-loop feedback circle with our product specialists and flavorists throughout the development process

Cost-reduction evaluation

Holistic technical product design support, inclusive of process consulting

Hardware integration

Value Added Services

Core Services

Access to extensive network in the smoke & vape industries covering all levels of the finished goods supply chain

Full product compliance and regulatory support for flavours and vape regulations worldwide

Access to cross-segment trend reports and market insights

Advanced Services

Access to industry-specific expert reports covering product science, international regulations inclusive of Q&As

Conversion of cross-segment trends and assistance in portfolio development

KPI reporting: customized KPI dashboards for key accounts

Customer-specific recipe disclosure

Third-party product evaluation support and expert feedback


Core Services

Flexible production schedule when and if possible, for rush orders

Advanced Services

Contract-manufacturing of e-liquids

Customer-specific quality control procedures

Customer-specific documentation such as tailored CoAs, Product Specifications and Product Labels


Core Services

Internal assessment & re-qualification of each raw material

Integrated internal quality and safety policies for ingredients, often exceeding legal and regulatory requirements.

Advanced Services

Incorporation of customer-specific quality and tracking requirements for raw materials

Strategic Services

For multinationals and strategic clients with internal flavour development capacities, we offer a wide range of strategic services such as joint developments, IP transfer, and contract manufacturing. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Unique Selling Points

Product design and technical services by leading industry experts

100% focus and dedication to the vape industry

Extensive industry network

Deep market and product understanding

Technical sales team with years of experience in product design

Flavour development capabilities

Over 60 years of experience and flavor design expertise for vapor & smoke



Highest food-grade production environment

FSSC 22 000

ISO 9001

Compliant with the International Code of Practice Principles Food Hygiene Annex CAC/RCP1

Clean-room environment and closed system manufacturing under argon for e-liquids

Possibility of disclosure up to 100% for all ingredients in the flavour formulation (up to ppb)

Full batch traceability

Made in Germany

Regulatory Compliance & Product Safety

Team of compliance experts with long-term experience in vapor & smoke regulatory environments and chemical/ toxicological backgrounds

Stringent ingredient policies based on our expertise and internal standards, often exceeding legal and regulatory requirements

REACH compliance (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)

Flexibility, Speed, Digital Efficiency & Data Intelligence

Lean organization, industry 4.0 applications with digital processes and high degree of automation

Big data analytics for better designed products