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Why is your head office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Dubai is a dynamic hub ideally located between the Eastern and the Western continents allowing for optimal international exposure. The strategic geographical location is also conducive to customer visits during business transits in the region. The constant expansion of the city, current booming economy, and strong business mindset makes Dubai an ideal location for young and innovative companies such as FLAVORIQ.

Are your products manufactured and shipped from Dubai?

No, all of our products are developed, manufactured, and shipped from Germany through our sister company Hertz Flavors.

What is the cost for shipping?

The freight cost depends on multiple factors such as the weight and size of the shipment, the nature of the products, your distance from our production facilities (Hamburg, Germany), the country of delivery, the desired shipping method, etc. Our export department will provide the shipping quote for your order after it has been placed – we always make sure you get the best quality-price option.

What is the shipping time?

The amount of time required for shipping is dependent on the shipping method selected and on the country of delivery. We offer options such as courier, land freight, air freight, and sea freights which all have different average delivery times.

What is the production lead time?

Our production lead time is typically set at 4 weeks from the ordering date as we manufacture under industrial standards in a just-in-time production setting. Should a customer be facing an emergency, we try our best to accommodate their expedition request if the production calendar allows it.

Are your products safe for use in vape products?

All our products are designed specifically for the vape industry and comply with all necessary legislations. For the safe use of our pure flavour concentrates, please consult our material safety data sheet (MSDS).

What kind of documentation do you provide?

FLAVORIQ provides extensive documentation for their products: Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Product Specs, CoAs, etc. These documents can also be customized to accommodate specific customer requests.

What is the quality of the ingredients used?

FLAVORIQ has a stringent ingredient policy. Our raw materials are internally assessed before use in recipes and are of highest quality: either Pharmaceutical (USP or EP) or food-grade.

Can I get insight into the recipes for regulatory purposes?

Should you need a disclosure to comply with your regional regulations, we will provide governmental authorities with all required information. We also provide all necessary information for our customers to register their products for the EUTPD in the EU and for the FDA in the United States. For our corporate clients, all required information, up to full quantitative disclosure of recipes, can be supplied upon prior signing of a disclosure agreement.

What are signature flavours?

In close collaboration with our customers, we create customized flavours based on their specific requirements and needs. This includes the engineering of innovative taste profiles while considering the device intended for use as to optimize the final product.

Do you develop and manufacture flavours for traditional tobacco applications?

No. If you require flavours for traditional tobacco applications (i.e. shisha, cigars, cigarettes, snus, etc.) please contact our parent company Hertz Flavors – international leader in the tobacco flavouring industry.

Do you provide bottling and labeling services?

No. At FLAVORIQ we prefer to stick to what we do best: flavour development. With our extensive network, we can propose some companies who can assist with your bottling and labeling needs.